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Legoland Polaroid 600 Instant Camera

If you own an instant camera then probably understand the cool feeling when printing one of those photos instantly. These cameras have been in market like 60 years since the first commercial Polaroid camera. Since then Polaroid had become to solo instant photo camera maker till Fujifilm received permission to make their own Polaroids. Today Fujifilm Instax camera series is more popular then Polaroid cameras.

Some people believe this is outdated trend. They are half right about it. In 60's 70' and 80' digital devices were not common. There were no digital cameras, mobile photos or personal computers where we store photos today. Only method was take photos using those SLR cameras and then take photo reel to lab and get those developed. That would take few days at least. So Instant photo cameras were something Amazing those days. You were able to print the film right away and check. Everyone loved it and so many people owned at least one Polaroid camera those days. But then came the digital age and those SLR cameras and Polaroid cams because obsolete.

So now it has become a new trend among teens and young crowd. Also there are new things like Lomography. If you are looking for an instant camera or Polaroid camera then you should do a good research before buying one. First you have to decide why you need it and what is your budget.

What Type of Polaroid Camera Should I buy ?

 If you are an collector or love those old Polaroid cams which now taken as vintage cameras then you should know most of these cameras won' work. Some of these vintage cameras have no film packs available anymore. Impossible Project company has new film packs for three models, Polaroid 600 series, Polaroid SX-70 series and Polaroid Spectra series. Eight exposure film pack cost you around $25 so each photo print would cost you around $3. But you can find old used cams for cheap in sites like ebay or from Yard sales. Those might work or might not. This is not your option if you are looking for cost effective instant camera system.

Second option is new Polaroid digital instant cameras. They don't make analog Polaroid cams anymore and only focus on these digital instant cams. Best advantage is you can check the photo before print it, so wastage would be minimum. They use new photo paper technology called Zero-Ink (ZINK) and these film packs are cheap. Cost per print would be only around 50 cents usd or even less if its a bigger pack. But down side is these cameras are expensive. Polaroid Socialmatic camera cost around $300 and Polaroid Z340 cost around $275 or more. But digital instant cams do have features like move to a memory card, adding borders, checking before print etc. A great camera for wedding or other event guest book. It would be cost effective since you can make sure photos are good before print.

Third option is the cheapest and best for most of us. The reason why Fujifilm Instax camera series is so popular because low price, simple to use and quality photo prints which are cheap too. You can find an Instax 210 camera for around $50 - $60. It's latest 3x4 film model, Instax 300 cost you only around $100. If you want a cute small camera which use mini film then it's Instax mini 8. That's around $70 -$100 depending on color you choose. Also now there,s this amazing Fujifilm Instax mini HelloKitty camera for less than $90 at Amazon. Instax Mini film price is around 50 cent per photo print. 3x4 format film paper is around 70 cent per print. These mini film packs are available everywhere both online and local stores. Instax cameras are so simple even a 7-10 year old can use without a problem.

So choice should be depend on budget and requirement. I would recommend Polaroid Z340 for weddings or party event guest book because it gives bigger format prints and you can make sure photos are good before print. I don't think guys would want to buy Fujifilm Instax mini HelloKitty camera but it would be a nice gift for a girl or any Hello Kitty fan.

Polaroid Instant Digital Cameras

These days Polaroid only make instant digital camera models only. They have stopped making analog instant photo cameras long time ago. No longer you can get any " NEW " Polaroid film packs for 600 series or SX-70 cameras. But their new digital models are interesting too. Ability to check photos before print is a great feature. But the biggest downside is prices are so high. All these cameras priced around $200 - $300. But still there are many who like to buy these than Instax series cameras. So lets see what are instant digital camera models in market today.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is for those who live on social media sites 24 hours and also want to have an instant camera. This camera can take photos then post into your social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and same time provide a photo print. It's a pretty much digital camera than an instant photo cam. Comes with a 4.5 touch screen, 4gb internal memory, MicroSD slot (upto 32GB), built-in Android OS with Web Browser, Email, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth.

That's not all, it also has 14 mega pixel sensor and also 2 mega pixel rare camera for taking selfie photos. Polaroid 2x3 inch Premium ZINK photo paper is used for printing. Biggest downside is the huge price tag which is $300. You can even buy a cool bridge camera like Canon SX530 or something latest for that price. I don't know if anyone would want to spend that amount of money for camera like this. It's cheaper to buy a instant mobile photo printer which should cost less. 

Polaroid Z340 is the best instant digital camera alternative out there for old Polaroid 600 cameras. These instant photo cameras use 3 x 4 format photo paper which is pretty much same to old Type 600 film. But since these film are a different technology you can not use for old cameras. Cost of a photo print would be around 70 cent.

This camera let you check your photos before print so you won't have to worry about bad prints. You can select which photos to be print and which not to. Also you can add beautiful borders to your photo prints. Another cool thing is you can save all those photos into a memory card and move images to another devices too.

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