Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stamps Exhibition

In last weekend I went to this local stamp exhibition which was held at Library auditorium. Its called Stampex 2014 and organized by Sri Lanka Independent Philatelic Association. This one is an annual stamps exhibition which happens in every October. The last one I went was in 2012 and then I was busy and has no time for stamps till this year. Anyway There weren't many dealers like that last time. No booth from Philatelic bureau either. But still there were plenty of interesting stuff and I didn't want to buy things more than $10. Anyway I ended up spending $15 total but found some nice stamps.

Even this year I found some cool locomotive stamps from various countries. Few nice full sets from Poland, Mongolia, Australia and Bulgaria. There's a set from Thailand which I'm not sure it's a postage stamp set or just Cinderella Stamp set. There were few more but I didn't buy because those didn't look like postage stamps and also I want to stick with my budget.

I bought 3 cheap first day covers from 70s and also got few nice high value Sri Lanka Revenue stamps. You can see most of those stamps I bought in above photo. I didn't check or bother about most of these stuff around because of limited budget. Didn't want to feel bad if I find something I really want can couldn't afford. Last time I ended up spending more than $50 for stamps and first day covers. I need to save money to buy all 2012 stamps and first day covers from Philatelic bureau because those won't be available for sale in next year.

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