Saturday, October 4, 2014

StarWars Rebellion for Free ?

StarWars Rebellion for Free

Nop. Not a chance. Even though the game is older than 16 years they have no interest giving it for free. Plus You can't install it in Windows 7 without using special methods. I don't think StarWars Rebellion is a game which any new generation Starwars fans know but it used to be quite popular in it's days. Recently I have moved to Windows 7 so i released I won't be playing this game anymore. It makes me feel sad because this is one of my all times favorite video games. I used to play this for whole days in summer holidays and sometimes for weeks without stopping. It's definitely not a game you can finish in one day even in easy mode. It's massive real-time strategy game which was way beyond it's time.

It has no tutorials or guides so you need to learn the game while playing it.It gives you freedom to do many things. You can fright for Empire or Rebels. You can abduct or assassinate people and also you can train jedi. You can built ships and fleets and have massive space battles. You can even build Death Stars and destroy worlds. Only problem I see with this game is the time it takes. You need days to finish it unless it take weeks. But it's still something you can enjoy if you are a real-time strategy game fan.

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