Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Ukrainian Postage Stamps

This Ukrainian miniature sheet I received from a dear friend of mine and I couldn't believe how beautiful these stamps are when I first saw it. Before I received this I hadn't have much interest in their stamps but after checking online I found they have issue beautiful postage stamps. If you have any Ukrainian friends better tell them to send you some pretty postage stamps. I found some so pretty lighthouse postage stamps and already pestering my friend to find it. Not nice but again what friends are for ha. I will send her some nice goodies from her for that. Only problem is she hasn't received the last thing sent yet. It's been more than two months and she should have been received the coffee pack by now.

I have seen another person in Facbook who wanted to exchange stamps from Ukraine but she or he hasn't been online since February. I hope that person is not in war zone and okey. Situation in east Ukrainian is not so great these days. Also I noticed few stamp auctions in ebay but I think price was little too much for modern canceled stamps. Anyway I have to check these Stamp collectors groups in FB to see if I can find Stamps collectors from there.


  1. heyyy, i have tonz od worldwide stamps, if u wish u??

  2. I prefer to get Portugal stamps from you since I don't have many of those and also its hard for me to find stamps from there. :)