Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sades Stereo Headset

Sades Stereo Headset

I'm not a big fan of these big headsets but I think this Sades Stereo Headset looks really cool and also it's cheap when you compare with similar models from other brands. I don't like fully covered headsets because I like to keep air flow into ears and out. But most die hard gamers like my cousin prefer something more powerful and closed. So my cousin badly wanted this headset because it's cheap and also it's pretty good and keep all sounds in rather than work like a speaker set letting everyone hear.

It works with photos too but only the headset not the mic. I don't think it works with Sony PlayStation so make sure it's works with it if you gonna buy just for that. It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems and probably work fine with Linux too. Well about the sounds quality, okey lets face it, This Sades Stereo Headset is only $14 unlike those Logitech or Turtle Beach high-end headsets which cost you $75 - $150. But this one is one of the close alternatives you can have.

It also comes in four colors, blue, green, yellow and red. Well I don't like red one but other three models look cool, specially the blue one. It looks great in dark too. You can see some customers photos at Amazon sales page. Just click on top image and it will take you there. I saw similar one in ebay but reviews were not so promising. But at Amazon this model has lots of positive feedback so must be a different model.

Green Headset

Yellow Headset

Red Headset

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