Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forever TV Show 2014

Forever TV Show 2014

I have started watching this new TV show called Forever. It's a crime drama Sherlock Homes type. The story is about a 200 years old doctor who works in New York morgue. He has been trying to find the reason for his immorality and how to stop it. Now he becomes the side kick of NYPD Detective Jo Martinez to solve hard to solve murder cases and crime. Not sure who is the side kick here since usually he takes the lead in all cases chasing suspects and criminals. Also now he finds out there is another immortal man like him self who has lived over 2000 years.

So far there have been only three episodes but I have already started enjoying this TV series. Stories are pretty good and they solve a different mystery in every episode which keeps the interest. Also He act like our famous detective Homes showing various hits from people and in dead bodies telling details about them and their lives. I don't know about it's ratings but IMBb shows 8.5/10.

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