Friday, October 3, 2014

Received Stamps from Ebay

My other stamps set of Marine Mammals from Ebay received today. It was from Australia. At least this guy is smarter and practical than the British guy. He sent it in an envelope with a real stamp. There was nice Australian stamp of some kind of Animal.

Rs. 10 stamp is mint and rest is canceled. That's my fourth complete set including those 3 first day covers. I have another 2 Great Sperm Whale stamps which is the expensive one from that set but I don't have good quality Bottlenose Dolphin stamps. Few I have are damaged. Even though it's not an expensive stamp it's so hard to find it. I couldn't find it from local stamp dealers. Those who have only sell it as sets and this set cost at least $1000 at local stamp dealers unless you get unlucky and someone offer you a lower price. I bought this set from Ebay for around $700 usd including shipping. There's another mint set but the buy now price is $15 without shipping.

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