Monday, October 13, 2014

Locomotive and Railway Postage Stamps

Locomovite and Railway Postage Stamps

Collecting stamps of Locomotives and Railways is something I love and it's really interesting thing too. There are thousands of beautiful stamps of locomotives. One big problem I have is figuring which are real stamps and which are Cinderella stamps.

The Annual stamp exhibition I went last week is the place where I usually get all my locomotive and railway postage stamps. There are couple of stamp dealers who always have this kinda stamps for sale. I usually get set of 4 -5 stamps for around $0.30 - $0.80 which is better than E-bay prices because there are no shipping costs.

Above image show locomotive postage stamps which I bought this time. I think all these stamps are postage stamps and not Cinderella stamps. This lot has stamps from Mongolia, Poland, Australia, Bulgaria, Thailand etc. I didn't choose some stamps because I was not sure those were real or not. Dealer was not so helpful about that either.

Today before I have started writing this post I did a E-bay search for stamps about Locomotives and railways. There are so many of these but the problem is prices. It's more expensive to buy form there than local guys. But I think sooner or later I will start buying form there too.

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