Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Bubblews Changes

More Bubblews Changes

There are some very important changes happened at Bubblews this week. I thing all these changes will help stability of the site and also will weed out most of SPAM. I think Bubblews is becoming a one of those really good choices you have if you want to earn money online. It's not good or stable like AdSense but it might get there eventually. I have to say I'm happy about most of these new changes.

The first change which happen nearly week ago is they have changed the redemption date again. Now if you are a US, UK or Canada member then your payment will come in 30 - 35 days. For everyone else it will take 60 - 90 days. There are exceptions too. If you are an international member who has been around for a while and never had any kind of problems or caused a problems then you will get your payments in 30 - 35 days too. I have mixed feelings about this. It's not good redemption time getting longer and I think system can be and used be improved.

Latest change is they have added new features to Bank page. Now you can see a list of your redemptions there and also they have added a form for claim missing redemptions. It ask the amount, date and you can added a screen shot if possible. I think a screen should could be a great help and everyone should take a screen print of their bank balance before hitting green Button. This is one of the best changes they have done so far. This will clear lots of payment related problems and misunderstandings. I hope they will also provide the reason if they are not going to pay.

Another change I noticed was View count is no longer visible. Now you can see only amount of Likes and Comments you have in your posts. They say this change is to stop manipulation but still we get paid for those views we receive.Also Bank no longer show total amount of views, Likes, Comments we have. Now this is not a change I'm happy about. Now we have no idea how many people have visited our posts or anything. I was wishing they would start providing more stats rather than taking of these numbers.

Anyway in general I think these can be counted as improvements. Looks like SPAM problem is totally under control and no more frequent downtimes. Also the system looks lot better. Maybe they have hired better developers. There are few more things I would like to see like less time for redemptions and also other Payment methods like international checks and Payoneer.

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  1. Bubblews has been a great and nice site to many of us and does continue.. Its only that their new bank changes have different impacts on the different members. May be things will be fine.. Nice post.