Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Player 2015 TV Show

I was so sad to learn that this new TV Show The Player has no future. Looks like pubdits have given so low ratings they have reduced it just to 9 episodes from the original 13 and going to cancel the show. This has happened to so many good shows while boring TV shows getting second chances.

At imdb it has received 7.3/10 which I say pretty decent even thought not great. This is probably the most action packed TV series running at the moment. It has the whole Action Thriller package car chases, gun fighting, hand to hand combat and the rest.

Plot happens in Las Vegas, a former army guy who has becoming a security consultant is forced to take part in this secret million dollar gambling game as the player. He has to fight crime and save the day while gamblers bet on who will win. You can read whole thing >> here  << you can even watch the first episode at Amazon Prime.

There is Wesley Snipes, guy from Blade Movie. He is getting old but still trying to be badass. Also Philip Winchester who did the main role in Strike Back. And Charity Wakefield whom you might have seen in various TV series here and there.

I wish they had given the TV series a chance. The Player would have picked up ratings if it had gotten a full season or  a second season. There aren't many Thriller type TV series airing today.

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