Saturday, February 11, 2017

Found an Old Classic Polaroid Camera

Polaroid SX-70 Instant camera

Recently I had to help my grandmother cleaning her sisters house after she passed away. It's a quite old house where several generations spend their childhoods and even ripe old age since early 19th century. Even though I'm not a big fan of cleaning houses, I didn't mind this time because it's an old house and I love discover old forgotten treasures. Specially old stamps, coins and cameras. I found few nice stuff and among those was this beautiful Polaroid One step Land camera, SX-70 model.

I'm a big fan of classic Instant camera models these old Polaroid cams. It's fun to take picture and wait to see the result. These days with new digital cameras you know exactly what you are getting. It's great but sometimes it's fun to wait and see how it turn out to be. So this SX-70 camera is in pretty much mint condition and hadn't used much by last owner, whoever he/she was. No scratch marks or worn outs. It's not often you get an old cam like this in mind condition. I guess an instant camera model in this condition worth at least 100 usd. Even though you can get an old used Polaroid cams from ebay for less than 20 bucks.

Now only problem is finding film for these camera. Old Polaroid SX-70 film is no where to be found and even if you found somewhere those wouldn't already ink dried out and dead film packs. Good news is there is a company called Impossible Project Co. which make film for several old Polaroid camera models such as this SX-70 model. Even these film packs are quite expensive, cost you around 25 usd for 8 exposures. Unfortunately that's the only alternative out there. Either you use those are you just keep the camera as a collector item in a cabinet.

I still haven't figured if I'm gonna buy a film pack and test the camera. I'm pretty sure camera is in working condition but after sitting in a box for more than 20-30 years I don't know if something has goes wrong. Only way to find out is spending 25 usd and getting an Impossible Project SX-70 film pack. That would be a quite expensive test. Too bad we can't use those new Polaroid photo prints which are known as Zink (Zero Ink) Photo paper. Those are lot cheaper than old film types.

Polaroid Time Zero film pack
This is an Old Polaroid Time-Zero Film pack which was used for SX-70 series Polaroid cameras. These packs are discontinued decades ago and no longer available. Even if you find these Time-Zero instant film packs isn't no point buying these because Ink must be driedout long ago. Always buy new film from Impossible Project Co.
Impossible Project SX-70 Film
These are the latest version of Impossible Project Co. SX-70 Film.

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