Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coronet Box Camera

My French friend has bought 2 old cameras from a yard sale and few days ago she sent me few pics of those 2 cameras. It seems on of those cameras are a Coronet Box Camera but a model make in France. You can see in the photo it only has words Coronet and BOBOX so it's hard to figure the model or anything. My father says his elder brother had one of these cameras in early 60s a Kodak model. But from the my what I found in Coronet Camera wiki page this model might be from 30s.

I couldn't find any available in Amazon but there are plenty of similar models you can find at ebay. You can get a used one in good condition for around  $20 and one in mint quality for around $100 - $200 depending on how rare the model is. But I do love since I like vintage cameras. These two camera will be a great addition  to my vintage camera collection.

From those cameras avaliable in Ebay I love the model called Coronet Ambassador Box camera. It has a better and cool vintage look. There's another beautiful model called Cornet Viscount. I don't think it would cost more than $25.

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