Friday, October 17, 2014

God Must Be Crazy

God Must Be Crazy

I watched this movie for probably the 10th time since I watched it for first time years back. It's not a Hollywood movie or one with all those popular Hollywood celebs. It's a South African movie with a cast you might have never heard of. It;'s also an old movie which was released in early 80s. There are two movies God Must be Crazy 1 and 2. Both movies are great. It's hard to believe something so simple and made with such a low budget could be high quality. Movie posters or Trailers don't show you much. Even first 10 minutes won't impress you. But more you watch more you will start enjoying and understand the movie.

The story is about a Family lives in Kalahari desert who has no knowledge of the world beyond. They don't have anything man made like cloths knives. In desert they don't have even rocks. They live simple but totally happy lives believing their God provides everything they need. Then a strange thing falls from sky (A Coca Cola bottle) which because something so helpful first but later created endless amount of problems. So they decided to get rid of it. The guy walks to end of the world to throw it away and on the way he encounters so many strange things strange people and huge and loud beasts which people ride.

I love this movie just like my all time favorite StarWars movies. It's hard to explain how cool these two movies you just have to watch and understand. It gives you food for your thoughts and let you think about many things. If you are searching for something different from main stream movies then here's what you are looking for. It has no big action or fights or romance. But it makes you thinking about the life and let you to look it everything in a new way.

Here's the Trailer of God Must be Crazy the first movie. It's not HD so you might wonder what the hack but I'm sure you will enjoy the movie. At least you if you have a mind which can see through lines and understand it. Even if you can't it will make you laugh. That's for sure.

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